The Night We Met

Here I go again with the slacking of writing posts. I have no excuses. Life hasn’t been super exciting lately, but it hasn’t been entirely awful either. It’s just been a stagnant, bitter, and melancholic type feel. You know? There are 7 days left in my senior year. I graduate May 19th, and I feel there are still a million things I need to do. We got our cap and gown last week; however, it still hasn’t clicked with me that I’m graduating in two weeks. Wow. I’m not quite sure when it will hit me. Of course I felt a little sentimental after the last first day of school; the last first choir concert. All of these “last firsts” haven’t quite hit me either. It still feels like I’ll be returning to high school in the fall.

I’m sure most people don’t quite enjoy reading about high school, and all the random nonsense that I conjure up in my posts, but thank you for reading it anyway. To end this post, I’m going to list some songs that I’ve been digging lately. And you for sure check them out because they’re amazing.

“The Night We Met” Lord Huron

“Knock on My Door” Faouzia

“In Cold Blood” alt-j

“I Keep Ticking On” Harmaleighs

“Only You” Yaz

Hope you’re having a wonderful week. Happy May!!


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