3 Weeks

Sorry for my absence. I had spring break, and then I got lazy!! It reminded me of how nice summer will be. I only have three weeks left of school, and right now it’s hard getting anything done. It’s hitting me slowly that soon school will be over. It’s scary to think I’ll be on my own very soon.

Ahh. But I’m excited to get life going. I still have things I need to get done for college, and that’s stressing me out. Life is so stressful. But, I’m going to Disney World in July and I’m very excited. I’ve been to Disney so many times. It’s amazing.

Thanks for sticking with me!! I’ll get back into more writing. For the meanwhile, I’ll link some pages for you to check out. Feel free to check me out on my socials Contact Me or get to know me better FAQ.

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Spring Break

Today is my last day of school until I have to come back. Officially on spring break!! I’m going to Florida with my family, and I’m very excited. We are going to Universal Studios, which I’ve been before but am excited to see all the new Harry Potter additions. I’m excited to be on break and to be able to sleep and relax. What’s your favorite vacation spots?

When I come back to school, it’ll only be about one month till graduation. I still have lots of loose ends to tie up before I go to college (Northern Kentucky University.) I’m excited, and nervous. I know I’ll be sad to leave this school, but….. eh….. well not really. I’m glad to get my life started.

Be sure to check out my social medias to see all my photos and posts from my trip to Florida. Maybe I’ll include some in my next post? Let me know!!! Have a great and safe weekend!!!!


Oh, the wonderful world of acronyms. SIP stands for Senior Inquiry Project… at least it does in my English class. Our last quarter of senior year, we’re spending the quarter researching an essential question. Mine is: How does solo travel help one discover themselves? It’s a pretty big question with too many answers, so I started at a bigger scope. I researched why people travel in general. Most of the reasons were leisure or work, so that answered that question.

But not everyone travels only for vacation. Many people up and leave their normal lives behind to seek something greater than what they know. Obviously, the most popular travel stories are Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Wild by Cheryl Strayed. But like I said, I wanted more than just the stereotypical travel stories. I wanted to hear everyone’s travel stories that I possibly could; however, I knew that was unlikely. I’m still doing that project now, and still researching why people solo travel.

So to end this post, I have some questions for you:

Why do you travel?

Do you solo travel often?

What travel has made the greatest impact on you?

Also, let me know if you have any recommendations for books, articles, essays, etc. I would love to hear feedback!!!