Ahhh!!! In less than two months, I will be graduating from high school. I’m very excited; however, it is a long process of tying to finalize the smallest details. My check list right now is composed of: college, graduation party, living arrangements, etc. It stresses me out to know that I have to get that out of the way before  I can graduate.

Any tips for graduation parties?! The theme is going to be red and black for my school colors, with black and yellow at the dessert table for college. Did I mention it’s a joint party with my boyfriend? Can’t wait for awkward family tensions!!!

Sorry this post might be a little short, sweet, and to the point. Life is getting crazy again and I feel like I am trying to balance 50 things at once. But life is good. Thanks for reading. I’m hoping to get more poetry posted soon, so keep a look out!!!


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