Spring…. Maybe?

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. And in case you didn’t know, Ohio has the most unpredictable weather out there. Some days it’s warm and sunny in the mid 70’s. And the next day, you can expect snow and rain. I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life, and while I do love having four seasons, I can’t stand the uncertainty of the weather.

Ohio isn’t as boring as a state as everyone thinks. I mean, yeah, we do have nothing but fields for miles and miles and miles and miles and….. well you get it. But Ohio is pretty awesome. We’ve got the three C’s: Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. We have some pretty awesome theme parks: Kings Island and Cedar Point. We’re home to the Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, etc. We’re also famous for music!! Ever heard of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?

I can’t stand it when people bash on Ohio. I love and hate it, but living here your whole life gives you that right. In the fall, I’ll be moving to Kentucky. Now before you get excited for me, I have to inform you of one small detail, it’s only about 3o minutes away; however, I’m still excited nonetheless.

Life has been good lately. I’ve been writing more!! Yay!!! And I appreciate all the likes and follows from you all. Please continue reading my work!!! I’m always open to suggestions!!!! Let me know what kind of writing you guys would like to see in the future.


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