Where Have I Been?

Ahhh. Okay. Life does this crazy thing where it starts getting really hectic and then things just kinda turn into a snowball. You know? It just gets bigger and bigger. Well, that might be a weird way to re-start my blog.

Hi, I’m Natalie. If you’re new here, welcome. If not, thanks for staying for this long. I write poetry a lot, but never get around to posting it. If you like that sort of thing, enjoy my blog!!!

So anyway. I guess I’ll update you all on what’s been going in my life since I’ve been away. I have two months left in my senior year of high school. Crazy?! I’ll be attending Northern Kentucky University in the fall to study Journalism. I’m excited, nervous, and jxjsncsjdndj all at the same time.

What you can expect in upcoming posts is a lot more writing!!! Haha!! No, but really. I’m going to post lots more of my poetry. Maybe even some essays and articles I’ve written. I also have a BuzzFeed account where you can check out posts/quizzes I make there. All my links will be below.

Thanks for reading!! I can’t wait to continue my writing journey and *hopefully* create top-notch writing for people to read, love, and share.



Instagram: instagram.com/nathamren

Twitter: twitter.com/nataliehamren

Buzzfeed: BuzzFeed.com/nhamren


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